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Introduction 1
Presentation 2
Customer Segments. 3
Value position 4
Customer Relantioships 5
Revenue Streams 6
Key Resources 7
Technology and Evolution 8

1 Introduction

You already have a business site and thanks to the SEO you are well positioned and have maximum visibility. But it is not just it, there is a better tool.
Simple information found on the internet show that no matter how well designed and indexed a medium or large company website may be, in terms of visibility, it will never be able to match the number of views it receives from a social network.
It’s not a matter of being better or lesser in knowing how to exploit a web tool, it’s about two different products conceived for two different uses.
A corporate showcase site does not allow for particular interactions, it normally receives visits that last a few seconds or the time strictly necessary to consult the object of the web search, after which the average user abandons the session.
This means losing the interest of your occasional visitor that, as soon as abandoned your site, will visit the web site of a competitor positioned at a SEO level in your vicinity.
A social network, first of all, “retains” its users through a login, multiple interactions with the community are allowed, and for this reason, the users’ visits last several minutes on average.
This simple but fundamental factor leads users to consult and view more pages to the advantage of being able to provide much more information in a completely organic way “capturing” the interest of visitors.

2 Presentation

BizProject platforms are tools designed to be used alongside (or in place of) your company website. They are thematic business networks and related to a specific geographical area, which exploit the advantages of visibility typical of a social network by combining them with the information that a company website provides to promote its products and services.
Managing a platform to be placed side by side to your own website means being able to catch the attention of thousands of users with extreme simplicity. It allows you to interact in first person and without competitors with a loyal community that is particularly interested in the business and the territory you are representing, with the unquestionable advantage of generating more leads than your company website.
As we will explain later, the first platform of the group was that of Monaco, and during our period of development and study lasted about twelve months, it proved to be able to arouse a very strong interest from thousands of users.
From 2021, it will be managed by highly qualified local professionals who will offer a range of useful services to those wishing to relocate or establish their business in Monaco.
The second platform of the group was dedicated to Italy. This platform will be managed by local professionals who offer their services and who, thanks to our innovative network concept (each platform is independent in terms of content and services offered and users can interact thanks to a single account and common login), will already have at their disposal thousands of Monaco subscribers.
The web is the present and the future of communication, not taking advantage of this tool in the right way can be the difference between reaching your goal or not.
At the cost of a simple advertising campaign, we can become managers of a platform that can allow multiple economic returns and that above all will allow us to have a greater visibility than our competitors.

3 Customer Segments

Professionals and freelancers, small and medium enterprises.
Individuals who want to take up residence abroad (managers, celebrities, people with a high-income bracket, etc.). This is the target audience of the portals.
Their needs can range from tax savings, to the extension of the reference market (internationalization), import-export, opening an office in a specific geographical area and residential relocation.
Knowing how to do it, what the main obstacles are, quantifying the advantages, being able to socialise with other users who have already made similar choices and who can provide real feedback is the purpose of the portal: to accompany each of them along the chosen path.
The interaction with posts, news, chats and other tools guarantees the right level of communication between the users and the service provider portal managers.
A good management of the portal will make increase the number of subscribers and audience exponentially. It is necessary to take into consideration that the future portals will not start from scratch, as they can count on the numerous current subscribers and the fact that the name and diffusion of the brand is already known thanks to BizProject.

The trends can be increased and depend in part on communication and dissemination activities carried out through other social channels (in twelve months Biz Monaco has received over 15,000 visits from Linkedin). In any case, each portal is equipped with s.e.o. (search engine optimization included in the monthly fee) able to provide autonomous traffic and independent from everything else.

4 Value position

Currently many partner firms, professionals, consultants and family offices have websites located in countries of strong economic and commercial interest to attract clients from other countries looking for solutions to the needs we have mentioned above.
There are also networks, such as Linkedin or similar, that have a predominantly b2b audience and encourage them to interact with each other.
Why should a potential client choose Biz over other solutions?
Because it represents the exact union between a b2b social network, a service site located on a specific territory of a country with a high commercial, financial or economic interest, and a magazine, with the possibility not only to make b2b users interact with each other, but also to provide them with services, advice, information and procedures on the territory.
These features make it possible to generate and obtain web traffic with the relative visibility that is difficult to obtain through a simple corporate/professional site, and above all at a lower cost than any paid promotion capable of generating the same number of visitors.

5 Customer Relantioships

The BizProject platforms are aimed exclusively at a B2B and B2C audience, which is why we have created a distraction-free working tool!
There are no Likes, no Followers, and above all, there is no algorithm that decides what is appropriate for you to see.
Our platforms are designed to help you achieve a goal.
We voluntarily exclude the superfluous to give space to local services, private relationships and to the formation of thematic groups that allow the users to focus on common needs and shared interests.
The various platforms, while remaining totally autonomous in their management, being interconnected with each other, will guarantee an exponential increase in results as active BizProjects increase, guaranteeing very high internal interactivity between users and members.
Acquired customers are loyal, continuous and add value as time goes by, thanks to the fact that they can provide a whole series of feedback or “word of mouth” helping the portal to grow.

6 Revenue Streams

The management of the portal involves a series of duties:
– Renting of the portal
– Provision of services to customers/users
– Content management and production for the promotion of the services offered – Monitoring of the community and compliance with terms and conditions
On the other hand, it offers some earnings:
– Consultancy/services to portal users and visitors – Advertising on the portal
– Partnerships for adjacent markets or services
– Premium account for a fee

7 Key Resources

The manager’s structure must have a team capable of providing the services offered on the territory and the resources to be dedicated to the care of the portal.

Use the platform to promote your services. This operation is very similar to the ones carried out through the most common social channels and does not require advanced skills.

The portal will allow those who have subscribed to post and interact with other users. For the manager, this represents their database of potential customers.

The activity carried out on other social channels owned by the manager will be fundamental for awareness and branding. In this regard, platform managers will be granted access as administrator to the Facebook page of Biz Project, which has over 160,000 followers.

The Biz Project, which is included in the monthly rental:

Infrastructure necessary for operation;
Technical maintenance;
Software licences;
Dedicated technical assistance;
Technical support;
Social media communication support.

8 Technology and Evolution

BizProject guarantees an adequate and high-performance hosting worldwide for service delivery, capable of supporting thousands of users and interactions simultaneously.
The managers will have immediately available the new platform with new graphics and modern social friendly technology. Each platform will be equipped with its own easy-to-use CMS for content management (the CMS will be managed with the constant support of our technical team)
The implementation of the professional s.e.o. with a talking domain belonging to the network already prepared for all the most popular business locations.
In addition to this, BizProject already provides dozens of thousands of users who will form an excellent starting point for all upcoming portals.

If you are a professional, a company an associated firm or a family office and you deal with services, real estate, yachting or tourism and you wanting to expand your market, you can immediately start developing your business by managing a Biz portal. Ask for information by filling out the form to deepen the topic. We are at your disposal for any clarification. direction@bizproject.world