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Exploring a new territory is resurce-intensive, requires specific skills, and therefore the necessity of availing yourself of professionals who are qualified to carry out their role in that territory.


The most powerful means of communication in the world can, with the right solutions, facilitate the meeting between supply and demand of companies and consultants.

Why become manager of a BizProject ?

Our solution involves providing the respective Managers with interconnected platforms (fully managed at the technical level by our specialized team) that will finally allow them to access the enormous potential that the world of the web offers simply and economically.

The platforms of the BizProject network will be able to offer specific services for the core business of each country of reference and thanks to our constantly expanding network, which already has thousands of members, many companies and individuals will find out about the country represented by the portal and the advantages it can offer.

Join the BizProject network and start increasing your potential!

The advantages of being Manager of a BizProject Portal

Only the best professionals and the best companies are present on our portals

Technological innovation

We offer a package of turnkey services, made available by a highly specialized team that will develop innovative portals from every point of view, well positioned on search engines and able to maximize user interactions.

Thousands of subscribers

Thanks to the work of the Monégasque portal, there are already thousands of companies, individuals and professionals who are part of the network and who can already interact with the next portals that will be opened in other international areas - the business is taking off.

An unrepeatable offer

Our concept enables you to have highly interested and business-oriented visitors and users. By spending less than any other advertising campaign that delivers the same results, you can become the manager of one of our platforms, which will enable you to increase your profits through new business operations and the sale of advertising space.

Are you Interested in becoming a Manager of a BizProject Portal ?

If you are a professional, a company, an associated firmor a family office and you deal with services, real estate, yachting or tourism and you wanting to expand your market, you can immediately start developing your business by managing a Biz Portal.

Request Information whitout obligation: fill out the form and get in touch with our team now.

Access the offer

By signing a contract for 24 months, the first 6 will be offered at no cost and the remaining 18 at an Introductory price that will allow you to evaluate the benefits of this powerful digital tool.
Each platform will have a cost depending on the country represented and its potential, contact us for a free quote based on your belonging territory.

Discover the first platform of the network

Biz Monaco