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What is the BizProject?

BizProject is an international project involving the construction of a solid network of web portals. Each portal will refer to geographical areas considered to be of business or of strong global interest, in which individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and professionals will interact with each other on a professional and commercial level. The portal will collect articles, news and insights on business and tourism of local interest, and will provide specific consulting services to learn how to be part of the reference market. If you are a professional, an associated firm or a family office wanting to expand your market, you can immediately start developing your business by managing a Biz portal.


Many companies want to enter particular markets, located in geographic areas that offer entrepreneurs significant tax, economic or investment benefits.


In the most important sites for world business, there are tax, legal and accounting consultancy firms that help companies to be part of the desired market.


The most powerful means of communication in the world can, with the right solutions, facilitate the meeting between supply and demand of companies and consultants.

Success Story

Why take over a Biz portal?

Thanks to the network, which already has thousands of subscribers, many companies and interested parties will inquire about the advantages of entering the market of the nation represented by the portal and will ask for more information and insights if they are seriously considering moving. The professional, the consultant firm or the family office that manages it will thus be able to provide its services. Join the BizProject franchise network and start increasing your potential! DOWNLOAD THE BUSINESS PLAN


The advantages of being part of the Biz project

Our method works, because it is already operational in the Principality of Monaco and because it is about to be presented in a new and more powerful graphic and communicative format.

Technological innovation

We offer a package of turnkey services, made available by a highly specialized team that will develop innovative portals from every point of view, well positioned on search engines and able to maximize user interactions.

Thousands of subscribers

Thanks to the work of the Monégasque portal, there are already thousands of companies, individuals and professionals who are part of the network and who can already interact with the next portals that will be opened in other international areas - the business is taking off.

An unrepeatable offer

In this initial phase you can take advantage of this opportunity to book the management of your new powerful portal connected to the international network at an advantageous price for months and see the economic benefits it can bring you.

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Are you interested?

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Access the offer

By signing a contract for 24 months, the first 6 will be offered at no cost and the remaining 18 at an introductory price that will allow you to evaluate the benefits of this powerful digital tool.
Each platform will have a cost depending on the country represented and its potential, contact us for a free quote based on your belonging territory.

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